Treatment for Unwanted Hair

From the dawn of civilization women have been concerned with removing unwanted hair to fit with the dictates of fashion.

Hair removal on the face can be done on the hairline, eyebrows, ear, top of the nose, cheeks, sideburn area, upper and lower lip, and chin.

The inside of the ear canal or the inside of the nose cannot be treated.
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Hair removal on the body can be done on the throat, neck, shoulders, back, chest, breasts, abdomen, arms, legs, bikini line, hands, feet, toes and fingers.

Hairy moles can be treated with the permission of a doctor.

It is perfectly safe to treat pregnant women, but the breast and abdomen area should not be treated after the sixth month of pregnancy due to tenderness in this area as well as possible hormone stimulation.
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In today's society men enjoy being well-groomed and looking attractive, too. Therefore, many men seek the services of an electrologist for permanent hair removal.

Areas of concern for men on the face would include hairlines, beardlines, eyebrows, ears and nose.

Areas of concern on the body would include shoulders, back, neck and chest.

Ingrown hairs are also a serious problem for many men and cause them constant irritation. Electrolysis can help in this area also.
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